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MyGST e-version GST e-version GST FliesIntegrated Goods and Services Tax Act  [ Download]Time of Supply in GST [Download]Valuation in GST [Download]Account and Records in GST [Download]GST Practitioners [Download]TDS Mechanism under GST [Download]Transition Provisions under GST [Download]Meaning and Scope of Supply [Download]GST Refunds [Download]Recovery of Tax [Download]TCS mechanism [Download]Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest-GST [Download]Job work-GST [Download]Benefits of GST [Download]Imports under GST [Download]Input Tax Credit of GST [Download]Registration of Goods and Service Tax (GST) [Download]Returns of GST [Download]GST- An Overview (In Hindi) [Download]GST Council address & con

GST India : Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Act 2017

Central Goods and Services Tax

1st Model GST law was issued in June 2016.
Revised Model GST Law was issued in November 2016.

A) CGST-Act-2017Download ]

B) CGST-Act-2017Download ]

Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) Act 2017

A) IGST-Act-2017Download ]

B) IGST-Act-2017Download ]

GST Accounts and Records Rules Download ]

GST Advance Ruling RulesDownload ]

GST Appeals and Revision RulesDownload ]

GST Assessment and Audit RulesDownload ]

GST Composition Rules Download ]

GST Electronic Way Bill [ Download ]

GST Input Tax CreditDownload ]

GST Revised Invoice RulesDownload ]

GST Revised Payment RulesDownload ]

GST Revised Refund RulesDownload ]

GST Revised Registration RulesDownload ]

GST Revised Return RulesDownload ]

GST Transitional ProvisionsDownload ]

GST Valuation RulesDownload ]


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